waitingfortheworldtofall asked: did you know that katie's middle name was elizabeth? my little sister came with me to the french comic con in paris a few weeks ago and we went to the signing together (she's not even a fan, so, that was super nice of her). i got to see colin and she went to see katie, who asked her her name. see, my sister is called elizabeth, and then katie went like: "awww, that's actually my middle name!" - arkdpdjshlavskwh !!! never in a million years will colin tell me that we share a name together... :(

AW. That’s so nice that your sister and Katie share a middle name! 

AND LUCKY YOU FOR MEETING COLIN! Living in Australia probably means that I’ll never even meet Colin in a million years, so… :( 

ETA: Four months after this original post, I was proven wrong. Reasons why you should never say never.

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